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Salad Olivieh

I grew up in a household that Salad Olivieh was an essential dish to any of our parties and gatherings, so it's obvious that this a dish is very near to my heart. Even though this a dish that you will find in any Iranian household, we can't say that it's Iranian. This dish was influenced by Russian Olivier Salad.

I honestly never ever seen any two person make Salad Olivieh the same way. This recipe is not only NOT how my mom thought me to make it, but also it's far from the traditional recipe!

As a recipe developer, I always try to make the traditional recipes with some twist and try to keep it close to the original one, but with some new flavors. As I said, there are tons of different versions of this recipe in Iran but some ingredients stay the same; potato, egg, chicken, pickles and mayonnaise.

One of my least favorite ingredients of all time is mayonnaise (don't judge me), so I decided to keep this recipe as simple as possible but improve the mayonnaise part and I have to say, it amazed me! So you can go ahead and use a store bought mayonnaise and that's totally fine, but it's just won't work for me!

I also got the idea of adding truffle to Salad Olivieh from Berenjak Restaurant in London (even though I haven't tried it yet), but I saw their menu and I was totally impressed. Being said, truffle paste in this recipe is optional but the flavors would blow your mind!


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