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My story

Hi! I’m Tara. The recipe developer, photographer, cook and the voice behind the

Made of sugar and Saffron”.

I’m going to share my recipes and photos with you here, and nothing makes me happier than to see you make, and enjoying them.

The name of my blog, is coming from my 2 favorite ingredients. Sugar, because of my ultimate passion for making sweets. Saffron, guess why! Because I’m Iranian and I grew up using saffron in literally all of our foods.

I’m currently living in Toronto. After I got my bachelor in photography, diploma in Culinary management, working in pastry shops and working as a professional food photographer; I decided to share my experience with you by posting my recipes and photos.

Hobbies? Baking and cooking for my friends is my hobby (while listening to Persian songs and drinking wine of course).

What kind of recipes I post? well, Can I say everything? Foods from all over the world. Both easy and challenging sweets. Persian foods, Italian, middle eastern, etc. 

At the end I have to say I don’t have any rules in my recipes. As long as they are delicious and I enjoy making them I’ll share them with you. I’ll try to post recipes which doesn’t take so long to make since everybody is too busy these days. But you might also see some dope Persian foods recipes which take hours to cook as well. 

Ps: Thanks to my super talented friend Mahtab Sarem for creating my beautiful logo.

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