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Eggplant Lavangi

I tried this dish once I was a little girl in a family party and I remember I feel in love with it in the first bite. Even though there are many different recipes of Lavangi out there, but I follow our family recipe step by step to get the similar taste to what I had for the first time. If you like sour foods, I promise you'll fall in love with this recipe. Eggplant Lavangi is also a vegetarian dish so it's perfect for the days that you want to skip having meat.

Lavangi is a dish originated in Azarbaijan. Lavangi is either stuffed whole chicken or eggplant. The filling is made of few main ingredients; Ground walnut, onion and pomegranate molasses. Some people might also add herbs, raisins or prunes into the filling. Lavangi can be serve with rice and fresh herbs or just as it self.


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