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Croquembouche translates to “crunch in the mouth” in French. It's tower of pâte à choux, filled with pastry cream with a crunchy layer of caramel on top of each puffs. Sounds amazing right? This sweet tower is sure to impress.

In France, croquembouche usually serves in weddings and baptism and for sure it's a dessert for special occasions. I am not going to lie, this recipe takes long time to make and it sure needs some pastry skills but that doesn't mean you can't make it at home.

While working with the caramel, you wanna be as quick as you can but also very careful. Just to make the process easier, you can make the pâte à choux and pastry cream in advance and do the assembly in the day you plan to serve it.

Feel free to multiply this recipe if you want to make a taller croquembouche.


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