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Sabzi Polo Mahi (Persian Herbed Rice With Fish)

Sabzi Polo ba Mahi translates to herbed rice with fish. Sabzi polo is a well known, popular Persian dish. It's rice mixed with bunch of herbs, usually parsley, cilantro and dill, however, any household might have their own mix of herbs for this dish. Sabzi Polo can be serve with different kinds of protein but this combination particularly is what gets serve in Persian new year/Nowrouz.

You can choose any kind of fish that you like to serve with sabzi polo. Sea bass is easy to find, delicious and baking the whole fish in the oven is actually a very easy and fun process. You might find the whole fish kinda tricky to eat so feel free to make it with fish fillet or fish steak.

Don't forget to drizzle the fish with fresh lemon juice before serving. You can serve Sabzi Polo Mahi with pickled vegetables, Shirazi Salad and/or pickled garlic.


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